Naruto? More Like Naretarded Am I Right?

Like seriously. Just look at him.


That’s a face only a mother could love… Oh wait. :I

But really though, Naruto is a mess. He thinks he’s so great because he has some rodent demon inside him, how pathetic. God I just hate him so much. I don’t mean to sound like one of those losers on the internet who have nothing better to do than only post about how much they hate someone. I just need to get this out right now, okay? He’s just so annoying. Things have sucked ever since I got thrown into the same group as him. At least Kakashi-sensei realizes that I’m the only one in the group that actually has any talent. That’s why he specially trains me. Did you know that? Anyways. At least he doesn’t still run around with those stupid goggles on. Oh my god don’t even get me started on those things.


And like he thinks he’s bad ass but has this kid even tasted the smallest bit of my true  power? No. He hasn’t. All he has is some weird demon while I actually have talent and power. And I’m even popular, all the girls like me. Not that I care about them though. None of them understand me. No one really understands me… saucy1

Yeah right, Naruto. You’re so emo with your blond hair and bright orange jumpsuit. What even are you, some sort of retarded dandelion? The kid looks like a squashed orange peel. And he’s just about as strong as one.

And like? He’s always saying this stupid phrase all the time. “Believe it! Believe it!” Like ohhh my god. You better believe you’ll be drowning in a pool of your own blood if you don’t shut the hell up.e7c989d415513b7051ee2240911ced43sauce

And like, this one time Sakura asked him for help with some classwork, and I’m already thinking, oh yeah, good luck getting real help from that guy. And all he says is basically, “You can do it, just believe!” Like yeah, thanks genius. Now she’s gonna come bother me about her schoolwork. They’re all idiots I swear.



So anyways, I think I’m done ranting for now. To end this post, here. Another picture of Naruto being stupid. (There are literally millions, obviously.)



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