Gaara? More Like Get Outta My Face.

Seriously like this kid appears out of nowhere.

Okay let me start from the beginning.

So the Chunin Exams are coming up and I’m just sitting around up in this tree, right? Well I look down and see that idiot, Naruto, and a bunch of brats about to get beat up by some guy who wears too much makeup.


God, scene kids are so annoying. He seems like a real asshole, too.

Anyways. I see this stupidity happening below and decide to stop it, because it’s  embarrassing just to watch. I throw a rock at the guy’s arm and I hit it spot on, but then he looks up at me, his striped face all twisted up like he’s trying to push out a turd. Haha! What an idiot. That makeup looks so stupid, too. I bet it’s his mom’s. Anyway, I made him angry. Just when he’s about to do some weird jutsu or something, this ugly ginger kid appears out of nowhere from the other side of the tree. The same tree that I’m sitting in. I should’ve heard him… he’s as quiet as Kakashi-sensei. He caught me off guard. But anyways, that’s only because I was paying attention to the idiocy down below.

And it’s bad enough that he’s so close to me, but he has to be upside-down?


I shit you not.

Like? He thinks he’s so edgy, huh? Does he really think it’s necessary to be upside-down? No. He’s just trying to show off. God, I hate flashy people like this. So he tells Mr. Scene Kid With Anger Issues to chill out, which is fine, whatever. But then he looks at me like this? Like what the hell does this look supposed to mean?


Does he think I’m the annoying one? Uh, yeah, excuse me. I’m not the one who just had to appear out of the blue and hang upside down in someone else’s tree. Not to mention your god-awful hair and lack of eyebrows. Oh and don’t even get me started on that eyeliner, god you’re almost as bad as Mr. I Have Daddy Issues down there.

Anyway. I hope this guy doesn’t become too much of a nuisance. I have enough of those as it is…


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