Hey Sasuke! Fuck you!

I can’t believe these idiots.

But I bet Naruto can. Because he believes fucking everything.

Anyway. It’s April 1st. You know what that means. All of the April Fool’s Day fuckery is about and it’s so… Ugh! It’s like, the amount of annoying everyone is in this goddamn village multiplied by over 9000. Ugh!!

Okay I’m sorry for cussing so much in this post, like I try not to do that too much but this is just gonna be one of those kind of posts, okay?

First of all, my day started out by being woken up at 1 a.m. by guess who? THAT IDIOT. Fucking Naruto. “Hey hey wake up! You’re gonna be late!” Oh, okay, well shit. I better get up, I can’t believe I slept in. I hope Kakashi-sensei isn’t gonna be mad. Not that he seems to give a damn about punctuality anyway.

I ate breakfast before I realized that it was 1 in the goddamn morning. Here I am, sitting with this yellow-brained retard when I should be asleep. Ugh! I would have punched that stupid ass smile right off of his damn face if I hadn’t have been so tired. I went right back to bed!


I woke up later. Y’know, when the sun was actually up. I slept in. I didn’t care.

I ate breakfast (again) and decided to wander around the village because apparently we were supposed to just do our own thing today. And then Sakura comes up to me all stupid like she usually is. “Ne, ne, Sasuke-kuuun!” God. “That stand over there is giving away free slurpees! Let’s go get some!” Yeah okay whatever, if it means you’ll leave me alone. So halfway over there she says she has to go do something for a minute. Whatever. I ask the vendor for some slurpees and of course. They’re not selling slurpees. They’re selling women’s sexy underwear. Great. After getting laughed at, I turn around to leave. Fuck this. Fuck all of them, god.

I’m so tired of all this.

Kakashi-sensei said he was going to teach me a new jutsu. He said I had to train my senses so he put a blindfold on my and told me to follow the sound of his voice. This already sounds stupid and I was hoping that it wasn’t another goddamn prank. But of course, I did it anyway, because this is my teacher we’re talking about. But I should have known. I’m such an idiot.

I decided to take off the blindfold when I heard a bunch of girls screaming. He led me to the women’s baths. Great. I’m so done.

Itachi texted me saying that he enjoyed the steak he had for lunch (idiot, I know he’s vegan). A woman asked me to help her carry a cabinet into her house. But it just had to be full of huge rocks. What else would it be full of? The man who served me my noodles at the ramen shop told me that he just noticed his hand was bleeding and that he probably got his nasty fluids in my food. He just had to tell me this in the middle of my meal. Great. I’m so fucking done I swear. Just when I decide to give up and try to get away from all these fucking pranks, that bowl-headed fuckface shows up. What’s his name? Broccoli?


Fuck him.

And he wants to fight me. I’m so not in the mood for this. But no, of course he insists. UUUUGGHHHHH. I don’t even want to talk about how that turned out. I’ve had such a shitty day.

I finally got to my favorite tree and was able to chill out for a while. And then a clump of bird shit suddenly landed on me. Right on my fucking forehead. I swear to god. I just sat there for a second. All day, people have been pulling this stupid shit on me and I thought by being in nature, I’d be able to get a break from it all. But NO. OF COURSE NOT.


Fuck everything. I just want to go to bed.

But before I do, I posted something that I forgot to put in my last post, and since I’m too lazy and tired to edit right now, here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ I appreciate you guys who actually read my posts, I really do. Thanks.

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