More About That Retarded Dandelion…

So you guys know how I always bash on Naruto, right? Yeah well… he’s not so bad sometimes. I’m actually not so sure why I always hate on him so much. I mean, yeah, he’s annoying as hell most of the time, but… underneath all that irritating yellow hair, he’s just a normal guy trying to find his way like everyone else. And he’s so passionate…

When he has a goal, he gets so serious about it, y’know? That’s admirable…

Not like I’m thinking about him like that or anything, like I’m not not gay obviously. My mind was just wandering.

But the way he gets so fired up… he’s such an idiot. I can’t believe I’m smiling right now. I mean, because it’s funny. I’m almost laughing, y’know, because it’s funny! Yeah…

Why do I feel kind of sad now?

Oh god! Sorry guys, a minute ago he snuck up on me. I’m not even safe in my own room. I jumped like, a foot into the air. He scared me. It would’ve been embarrassing if he saw what I was writing… That’s probably why I jumped. I don’t want him to think I care enough about him to write about him all the time. Because like, it’s not that I care about him. You know, not like that or anything. I just… uhhh

Why do I write about him so much?

Maybe because…? Because I…


Because he’s so annoying! Yeah… I don’t know, whatever. It’s kind of late. I just wanted to relax after a long day of training, I don’t really feel like going deep into thought right now. I don’t even know why I started thinking about Naruto, of all people. Why would he be on my mind?


Anyways, back to what I was saying earlier, before that numskull decided it’d be fun to sneak up on me. He really did make my heart race for a second there…

Because he startled me. That’s all it was, I was startled. He can be quiet when he wants to… bastard.

But yeah I just don’t want you guys to think that all I do is hate Naruto all the time. Like there are other things on my mind. It’s just so easy to talk about him. Not because I like him, obviously. I’m not gay or anything, seriously, I just hate him so much it’s um, easy to, um, talk… about? Where was I even going with this…

Sorry I’m not really making sense. This was probably a boring post. My mind is tired. I think I’m going to go to sleep. I’m sure my thoughts will be sharper in the morning.

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