Is He an Oreo or a Snake?

The world may never know. But either way, he’s actually a pretty cool guy. I mean, now that I’m here with him and all.

If you’re thinking, “Sasuke, if you’re with Orochimaru, then how are you blogging right now?” You might just be an idiot. What do you think Orochimaru does with his spare time? When he’s not busy conquering his enemies or looking for ways to achieve his goals? He surfs the web, obviously. Just like everyone else.

So he lets me use his computer sometimes.

But anyway, that’s beside the point.

I’ll tell you all what I logged on to tell you. (I have to make this kind of quick because Orochimaru gets sort of pissed when I spend too much time on the internet…) I decided to leave the village. Basically, some big things happened and I realized that the village was holding me back. So I’m with this guy now.

He can be kind of overly dramatic sometimes, but it’s not nearly as bad as Naruto. Not like I still think about Naruto or anything. Just saying.

At least Orochimaru has good hair. And he’s actually sort of good-looking…

Like he can be pretty manly sometimes.


But then he does some weird shit as well… and his fighting style is a tad on the strange side…


But this is my home now.

So yeah. Until next time.

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