You’ll Never Guess

So here I am, trying to relax after a hot training session with Orochimaru, and in walks the yellow retard. I mean, I’m all sweaty and gross, I don’t want him to see me like this. I wasn’t ready for him to just barge in like that! Not like I care about what he thinks of me or anything, but you know, it was sort of embarrassing. Oh god, I hope he didn’t think Orochimaru and I are a thing, that’s just gross, the guy’s like, a hundred. Plus, he doesn’t think that I know, but he’s totally doing it with Kabuto (gross). But I mean, who cares what Naruto thinks. I sure don’t.

I don’t, okay? Jesus.

So anyways, he comes over and goes on about what great friends we are and all, like, the last few years since I left the village and have basically held my middle finger to them all  have meant nothing to him. He really must care about me. I mean, how much do you have to love someone in order to go after them even when they’ve pushed you so far away? It’s… kind of sweet… I mean, not in a gay way, like I’m not gay. I don’t like him or anything. What am I even saying?

What was I talking about?

Did it just get warm in here or?

Okay so uh, Naruto. You know what, let’s talk about something other than Naruto.

Naruto… I mean it’s kind of a nice name. It sounds… strong.

Wow, so anyway, umm…

You know what, I lost my train of thought. It’s passed my curfew anyway and Orochimaru gets pissed when I stay up late. He says it’s bad for my skin, which will eventually be his skin, but whatever. He can be kind of a bitch sometimes.

I guess I’ve been kind of a bitch.

Naruto really does seem to care about me… and how have I repaid him?

Nah, no way. It doesn’t matter, I’ve already made my decision. I’m going to bed.


Sasuke out.

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