Hey Sasuke! Fuck you!

I can’t believe these idiots. But I bet Naruto can. Because he believes fucking everything. Anyway. It’s April 1st. You know what that means. All of the April Fool’s Day fuckery is about and it’s so… Ugh! It’s like, the amount of annoying everyone is in this goddamn village multiplied by over 9000. Ugh!! Okay I’m… Continue reading Hey Sasuke! Fuck you!

Itachi: Is He Gay or European?

We all know my stupid brother, Itachi. He’s a total snob. Which brings us to our next question: Why is he so salty? Is he, y’know, gay? Or just European? With that being said, how about we take a closer look at him, starting with the way he dresses. So I snuck into that guy’s  room the… Continue reading Itachi: Is He Gay or European?